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Romaan has been a DJ Producer and remixer for over 15 years.


Above all, he is a composer that generally loves every single style of music. Hence why at first he produced for others to gain even more skills and creativity before more recently creating his solo project. He has more than one hundred productions to his credit.

As a young entrepreneur, he created his first production company at the age of 20, created several labels and studios and to this day continues to develop these projects.

Romain is a DJ Resident in London but he also mixes in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Monaco for the prestigious restaurant brand COYA.

Creative and passionate, he plays his music in order to tell a story and knows how to grab the attention of his listeners. He will take you on a musical journey for hours on end in an atmosphere that can be calm and melodic or fast and groovy by concentrating on the essential, happy and the joyful side of things.

His playlist is adaptable to a multitude of genres but specializes in electronic music from Electronic Downtempo to House Music, Deep and Tech House.

For the love of music, Romaan is building a solid career and continues to provide happiness for those who listen to him.


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