Music Label for Brand

Why create a music label around your brand?

Music is the very essence of your establishment, it reflects the personality of the brand and defines your concept at best! This is why it is important to choose it well.

A music label brings together several things. First, the musical DNA that defines your brand. 
Secondly, media for your customers to listen to from anywhere in the world.

And finally, exclusivities with your own sounds, your artists, your DJs that will make your brand unique!

We will ensure musical consistency across all restaurants during lunch and dinner.
We will also ensure that people enter a musical universe which over time will become attached to the brand. (Setting up a dj, a group or a playlist)

Next, we will adapt the second part of the evening to each country while remaining in  your brand universe as much as possible. Your Brand will have to become a brand in its own right in order to expose our universe through "Musical colour". Whether it is DJS or customers, your brand must be eye catching and be unique, different to any other restaurant.


Setting up a monthly podcast would be a good idea to generate content and listeners outside of the restaurants. This should be promoted and broadcast on several platforms such as mixcloud and spotify.


We will also be able to call on guest djs to offer playlists or exclusive mixes for our restaurants.

After 10 years of experience in the music business, We know how to manage label projects and all types of musical content. Your Brand will be become a label and will allow  to attract some of the world's leading DJ Producers to produce and release their tracks.

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