Our policy is to provide the best musical identity to the establishments we accompany.

We offer experienced DJs who know how to adapt when needed.

​PERCEPTION is our music concept creation service.

Our expert consultants will visit your business to thoroughly research your brand, audience and environment. We then work closely with you to create bespoke music collections that resonate with your different spaces and reflect your brand’s unique personality, style and ethos.

Our software solution will allow you to broadcast our playlist specially designed for your establishment on a smartphone or tablet. No complicated installation is required, a simple application and an internet connection is all you need to broadcast your music immediately.

We also provide our playlists in different styles for free.​

We do not only accompany establishments, but we are also producers and innovators in the field of musical services.

This is why we have created services like "My Ghost Producer" which provides DJs with custom-made musical support from the best producers in the industry.​

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